Hydrogen Seals

  • Hydro Guide Bearings

  • Axial Grooved

  • Preloaded

  • Three-lobe

  • Pressure Dam

  • Mechanical Tilting Pad

  • Insulated Motor Bearings

  • Dragline Bearings

  • Pinion Stand Bearings

  • SAG Mill Bearings

  • Turbine Bearings

  • Trunnion Bearings

  • Marine Bearings

At Canadian Babbitt Bearings, we have more than 30 years of experience in refurbishing Hydrogen seals for end users operating a variety of generator designs.


Large generators have their casing filled with hydrogen to reduce windage/frictional losses and act as a cooling gas. In order to contain the extremely volatile hydrogen in the casing, oil is pumped into the generator shaft labyrinth seals at a pressure higher than the hydrogen. These hydrogen seals have very precise geometry to maintain proper sealing over a range of operating conditions.


Over years of service and maintenance, the geometries of the seal wears and distorts resulting in leakage and seal damage. Canadian Babbitt Bearings can repair, re-babbitt and restore the worn seals back to the original dimensions.


After re-babbitting the worn seals, we use ‘Belzona’ to restore the critical circumferential ‘O’ ring groove on the outside diameter of these hydrogen seals which carry sealing rings. Our tradesmen are trained and certified by ‘BELZONA’ to perform the restoration to achieve high level of precision in the seal’s fit and clearance.


Once completed, we perform Ultrasonic Testing for Babbitt Bonding, 100% Liquid Penetrant Inspection on the Babbitt face, Bluing the joint faces for 100%, Oil supply face for greater than 85% and Continuous seal face for 100%.